Madera Technology Partners

Madera Technology Partners was founded in 2014 with the idea of blending real-world, fundamentally-driven investment management experience with expertise in alternative data analysis and disruptive technology. This unique skillset allows for the extraction of meaningful and often unrecognized information from a wide variety of unconventional data sources and the incorporation of those insights into a deep understanding of company fundamentals. This allows a long-term view of a company’s fundamentals to be enhanced by valuable intra-quarter indications of the business’s trajectory.

Investors have become overwhelmed by the proliferation of alternative data sources that claim to be relevant to a wide range of businesses. Madera has evaluated (and invalidated) many of these sources by testing them through the lens of investment managers. Many data sources that have been widely distributed to buy-side investors, when properly tested, show no causality to a company results. Such sources should be ignored by investors. However, meaningful fundamental trends can be extracted when certain data sources are analyzed by investors who understand the key drivers behind a company’s business. Madera possesses the unique ability to identify and analyze those sources that are actually meaningful in tracking a company’s performance.

Subscription Services

A comprehensive monthly report provides clients with a compilation of important data trends across a variety of industries, as well as updates on existing investment ideas. This report contains the conclusions derived from Madera’s proprietary processes applied to a vast range of data sources, as well as discussion of companies impacted by those trends.

This monthly report also tracks custom-built indices that are designed to track key industry metrics by integrating the analysis of multiple data sources. For example, in November 2017, Madera introduced their proprietary Cord Cutting Index. The index combines aggregated company-reported subscriber data, social data analyzed across Twitter, Google and Amazon, and relevant viewership and ratings data. In short, the index tracks consumer intent to cancel traditional cable TV and has been a strong predictor of reported results.

In addition to the monthly report, research reports recommending purchase or short sale of specific companies are continuously published and provide a unique perspective of in-depth fundamental research informed by data. An expertise in data-driven research allows Madera’s fundamental views to be informed and enhanced by unconventional and often-overlooked data sources. Time-sensitive "Alert" reports are typically published ahead of meaningful catalysts. While investment recommendations are typically geared towards long-term investors, these reports also provide insight into intra-quarter business trajectory as indicated by Madera’s ongoing data analysis.


Madera has immediate access to a vast range of data sources. While certain subsets of this data are continuously processed and analyzed, much of it remains unexplored. These unexplored areas are often of interest to clients who have specific needs or unanswered questions regarding the extent or availability of data on specific companies of interest. Exploratory projects are often requested to evaluate the viability and usefulness of any available data. If such data is available to Madera or can be reasonably sourced, it can be processed, analyzed, and structured into an investment view. Clients have found this service to be not only uniquely informative in their investment process, but also provide assurance that key data, with a potentially opposing viewpoint, is not being overlooked.